Integrated DDR Training Group (IDDRTG)

It is part of the mission of the IAWG on DDR to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of DDR processes worldwide, including through context-specific DDR trainings. The IAWG on DDR provides assistance, materials and resources for trainings based on the IDDRS to both UN and non-UN DDR practitioners in collaboration with the Integrated DDR Training Group (IDDRTG). The IDDRTG is an international network of 18 training and research organizations. The IDDRTG serves as a forum where DDR training practitioners and researchers come together to share knowledge and best practices in the field of DDR. The group encourages it members to coordinate and, where appropriate, jointly deliver training courses in order to meet the needs of DDR practitioners, planners and policy makers. The IDDRTG often collaborates on the design and implementation of DDR training with the UN Inter-Agency Working Group on DDR. For more information on the IDDRTG’s work, please visit the IDDRTG website.

UNDDR training

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General IDDRS

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Concepts, Policy and Strategy of the IDDRS

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Structures and Processes

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Operations, Programmes and Support

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Cross-cutting Issues

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