Inter-Agency Working Group (IAWG) on DDR

Following its mandate, the IAWG works to increase the United Nations’ capacities in DDR. It is part of the IAWG’s mission to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of DDR processes worldwide. The IAWG provides complete training packages, assistance and resources for trainings to its members at the Headquarters and field levels. Trainings are based on the Integrated DDR Standards (IDDRS) training modules developed by the IAWG. While the standard training modules are generic – they can be adjusted or tailored for country or mission specific purposes.

The IAWG itself is not a training institute. Rather, the IAWG relies on its unique partnership with the Integrated DDR Training Group (IDDRTG) to develop and deliver training courses to meet the increasing need for highly qualified DDR practitioners.

For more information on the IAWG’s work in training, please visit the IAWG Sub-Working Group on Capacity Development page.

Integrated DDR Training Group (IDDRTG)

The IAWG on DDR has been supportive of the Integrated DDR Training Group (IDDRTG) – an international network of 16 training centers or training organizations who have cooperated, and in a variety of ways, collaborated with the IAWG in the design and implementation of Integrated DDR Training, to ensure that delivery is in line with the IDDRS. The training group also promotes better collaboration, coordination and cooperation amongst IDDRTG members to help meet the continued training needs of United Nations staff, as well as the critical national partners working in the field of DDR.

For more information on the IDDRTG's work in training, please visit the IDDRTG website.

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