Knowledge Management


Knowledge management is at the centre of all IAWG activities, such as collecting and sharing good practices and lessons learned across UN entities and on a global level, through the development of DDR knowledge products and tools and revision validation of IDDRS modules and development and dissemination of the IAWG newsletter.

The IAWG agreed to formally take up the issue of knowledge management during the 2008 annual retreat in Talloires, France, with a view to:

  • Building and maintaining cross-institutional memory to be used for the work of the IAWG;
  • Facilitating collection and analysis of data, and generation and dissemination of information and materials; and,
  • Awareness-raising on the work of the IAWG and on DDR.


While all IAWG members have a role to play in promoting and strengthening knowledge management activities, the sub-working group is responsible for identifying strategic knowledge management opportunities for the IAWG, continuously considering what support the IAWG may provide to DDR practitioners and missions primarily related to good practices as well as tool development, to ensure products are responding well to the needs on the ground.