Capacity Development


Capacity development is a strategic priority for the IAWG.  The Sub-Working Group  (SWG) on Capacity Development, led by the International Labour Organization (ILO), works to ensure synergy, coherence and coordination of IDDRS-based capacity development activities undertaken or supported by IAWG members and with the Integrated DDR Training Group (IDDRTG).

In his 2011 report on DDR (A/65/741), the Secretary-General recommends a continued focus on the retention of qualified DDR specialists through training, including through the UN’s working relationship with the IDDRTG.

Key Tasks/Services:

The SWG on Capacity Development is guided by a two-pronged strategy:

1. Provide timely and tailored courses for DDR (and DDR-related) programmes:

Content: The strategy prioritizes the delivery of customized, short (3 to 5 days) in-country training, offering specialized and standardized courses based on the identified needs of target regions, countries or operations. (Click here to access the Training and Events page).

Target audience: The priority target groups for the inter-agency training strategy are: United Nations international and national staff, national government counterparts and national and international non-governmental counterparts. Target audiences may also include inter-governmental and regional bodies, such as ECOWAS, AU, EU/EC, NATO, or others.

2. Support the Integrated DDR Training Group (IDDRTG)

The IAWG should continue to work with IDDRTG members to support their ability to deliver quality courses, based on the Integrated DDR Standards and reflecting UN staff needs. Together with IDDRTG members, the IAWG will develop joint monitoring and evaluation tools and /or mechanisms to support their ability to deliver training reflecting the Integrated DDR standards.

Additionally, the IAWG will support DDR units and agencies implementing DDR programmes to access quality resources, which meet IAWG standards and reflect the range of IDDRS policies.